Aonang Eco Villa, there are 10 villas with a spacious area of garden. Big swimming pool is ready to serve our guests. The Villas located not far from the most popular beach in Krabi where they called “Aonang Beach”. The villas surrounding around pure nature, green area, and small canal. The villas are very welcome all guests who love nature travelling.

Ecotourism is become more popular for all around the world. Majority of people in the world now realized that we are in the serious situation of climate changing. All human being and animals have been affected by that. Moreover, all the trash in the ocean which seem to be more that the fishes. The pollution all around in the air. From now on if we are not trying to safe our world, in the nearest future we will not able to have nice and clean nature back again.

Aonang Eco Villa has been created under the concept of friendly environment hotel business. We aim to be one of small part in the local area who very serious concern about our environment by encourage our guests to use more bicycle rather than car and motorcycle. Try to reduce the amount of wastewater that contains detergent and save energy by not changing bed sheet and towel every day. Reduce, reuse and recycle all the garbage as much as possible. Try to support all local products from our neighbors which help a lot to to reduce all pollution between the logistic process. Moreover, we have our own organic vegetable and fruit which most of the dishes that we serve are made from.

Hope we will be one of your choice to choose when you visit Krabi. We try to make your holiday more enjoyable and memorial.